QuickTest 500 VoIP Tester (VoIP Test Option)


Easily install, maintain and test VoIP services with the QuickTest 500 ADSL2+ Handheld VoIP Tester


The QuickTest VoIP Tester (VoiP Test Option) helps you quickly find problems with:


  • SIP User Registration
  • Setting up and clearing outgoing calls
  • Receiving and clearing incoming calls
  • Poor Call Quality of Service



Call Signaling Analysis


The QuickTest VoIP Tester's Call Event Trace makes it quick and easy to identify the root cause of failed User Registration, Call Setup and Call Tear down attempts. The Call Signaling Analyser may be viewed directly on the LCD display or in the Web Interface.






RTP Quality Analysis

The QuickTest VoIP Tester's RTP Quality Analysis trace contains events identifying lost packets, out of order packets, increases in jitter and more. Along with the RTP Quality statistics it provides a clear snap shot of whether quality problems exist.



Used in conjunction with the ADSL error counts ( HEC, CRC and FEC)  you can identify whether problems are related to the underlying DSL reliability.







Trouble shooting Complex problems


For Detailed Call Analysis a full decode mode is available in the web interface of the QuickTest 500 VoIP Tester



Total Triple Play Test Solution - (ADSL/2/2+, IPTV & VoIP Test)


Combined with the IPTV and data tests, the QuickTest 500 is a highly capable Triple Play Tester and is ideally suited to the Field or Exchange based engineer.


Interfaces supported

ADSL/2/2+, Ethernet





Supported Codecs

ITU-T G.711
ITU-T G.726
ITU-T G.729