POLEGUARD – Extending Utility Pole Life


  • POLEGUARD is a patented barrier sleeve system for preventing ground rot and decay in utility poles for use in the power distribution and telecoms markets

Why do Poles Fail?

  • Timber Utility (electricity and telegraph) poles typically fail at the vulnerable ground line section where conditions for wood decay and wood rot are ideal. Pole Decay rates at this point are typically ten times higher than those deeper in the ground. Long term loss of wood preservative to the ground by leaching only makes this decay problem worse

Extending Pole Life with POLEGUARD

  • The Patented POLEGUARD barrier sleeve system simply prevents this problem occurring by keeping the preservative in and the causes of wood decay out at the vulnerable ground line section of the utility pole where additional protection against wood rot and wood decay is needed

  • The POLEGUARD sleeve is quickly and easily heat applied in factory or on site; the bituminous liner melts and seals the timber surface whilst the tough outer thermoplastic sleeve shrinks down tightly on to the pole creating a tough and durable long term barrier to the causes of decay. The use of a POLEGUARD sleeve typically doubles the expected service life of the pole

Cost Benefit

  • The use of POLEGUARD typically saves you up to £3million per annum per 100,000 utility poles protected (cost benefit calculations available on request). The use of POLEGUARD typically adds around 1-2% to the total cost of a pole replacement.

Legislation: a driver for Change

  • The continued use of environmentally damaging Creosote and CCA type preservatives for utility pole protection is now increasingly coming under threat from proposed changes in legislation.

  • The “greener” alternative preservatives are proving to be less effective, typically giving half the service life of Creosote or CCA. This problem is now easily solved by combining the POLEGUARD sleeve system with the greener alternative preservatives to give similar lifespan to that achieved with Creosote and CCA or alternatively use POLEGUARD sleeves with your existing preservative treatment to give even longer lifespan

Proven and Tested

  • POLEGUARD has been in volume use for nearly twenty years with over a million poles and posts protected in service without failure. POLEGUARD has been fully independently tested and proven to typically double the service life of timber used in ground product.


  • POLEGUARD carries AWPA (American Wood Protection Association) approval and also American I.C.C. (international code council approval) for the in ground protection of critical structural timber building supports


  • POLEGUARD is available in a wide range of sizes to fit all electricity and telegraph / telecom poles

Easily applied

  • POLEGUARD sleeves are easily applied by un-skilled labour using a low cost gas blow torch or gas powered shrink gun either in factory or on site prior to pole installation. Automated volume application equipment is also available.

Poleguard being applied to a utility pole