Why buy from Vonaq ?

Our products are favoured by many major Telecommunications companies around the world and we continue to sell thousands of our cost effective test equipment to Telco's, Installers, Engineers and IT Specialists each year.

Before you buy from us, our friendly sales staff / distribution partners will give you the very best technical advice, ensuring you choose the right test and measurement product for your requirements.

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Free support & technical advice MON-FRI, 9-5:30

After you buy from Vonaq you will have access to phone and email support / technical advice and we'll talk you through set up and configuration of your test and measurement tool and just generally help you get to grips with your product.

Most of our products come with a years guarantee however some have 3 years, so should there be a fault with your product, then we will repair or send you a new replacement straight away. This is the standard of customer service you should expect when dealing with Vonaq.