The Copper Theft Problem:

  • Copper Cable theft remains a major issue worldwide. Just in the UK, cable theft it is reported to be costing £770 million.
  • Some countries have tightened scrap metal laws to reduce the problem and this has certainly helped. However, costly cable thefts are still ongoing in a major way.
  • Each cable theft incident causes a series of negative events. Customers complain about loss of service, The local newspapers print articles about thousands of customers having no phone or internet once again and that the service provider is too slow to fix the problem, additionally there is still the cost of replacing the cable and associated labour costs.
  • Another feature of this type of theft is that there are often hotspots of activity where these thefts occur, often by the same criminal gangs. It is not uncommon for the replacement cabling to be stolen only days later.

The Solution: Cable Guardian 50 copper cable theft detection and location

  • By using Vonaq’s Cable Guardian, fewer copper cables are stolen due to getting to the incident faster
  • Resulting in phone lines being repaired faster.
  • A single Cable Guardian 50 unit may monitor and protect up to 50 cable bundles therefore protecting up to 50,000 lines. Additionally, street cabinet door and duct cover contact switches are also cost effectively monitored. One twisted pair cable can support up to 255 door / duct cover contacts.
  • As soon as a copper cable is cut or a door contact opened, Cable Guardian will instantly alert the responsible authorities by sending an SMS text message indicating the fault location. This is possible due to innovative cable length measurement techniques.
  • When the incident is dealt with the ALARM may be cleared by text message or email.
  • Easily installed in a Central Office., Telephone Exchange or equipment room.
  • Due to it’s scalability, other form factors are available to protect more or less lines and contact switches
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Cable Guardian 50 – Protecting against Copper theft and Cabinet / Duct Intrusion


Protection of Cables

Vonaq’s Cable Guardian 50 uses innovative cable measurement techniques to quickly identify the location of a cable theft incident. By using a single twisted pair line for monitoring purposes Cable Guardian is able protect a cable bundle that may consist of 250, 500 or 1000 lines.

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Protection of Cabinet Doors and Duct Covers

For monitoring of up to 255 Street Cabinet door contacts or Duct cover contacts only a single twisted pair is needed – significantly reducing cost and complexity compared to alternative solutions.

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Cable guardian is powered by A.C. Mains or -48Vdc and can be quickly installed to provide cable protection. Cabinets, ducts etc. are clearly marked that they are protected with Cable Guardian to provide a visual deterrent in addition to providing a Rapid Response Alarm if a theft takes place. The principle of Cable Guardian is to prevent, alert, locate, react.

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Once installed, Cable guardian 50 is easily programmed to enter the names of responsible authorities, telephone numbers etc, via it’s web interface. If a theft event occurs, Cable Guardian will identify a change to the cable characteristics and report the distance to that event. This allows staff / law enforcement personnel to be quickly despatched to the event location

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