QuickTest 500 IPTV Tester (Test Option)

The IPTV Test Option for the QuickTest 500 IPTV Tester is ideal for the installation, maintenance and commissioning of IPTV services.

The QuickTest IPTV Tester (Test Option) helps you quickly find service problems such as:
  • Excessive Network Jitter
  • Packet Loss
  • Bandwidth Issues
  • Channel Change Delay
  • Missing Channels
  • Poor Quality of Service

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  • The diagram below illustrates how testing can be performed on the customer’s Ethernet interface, the customer’ ADSL2+ access point, the street cabinet or the exchange.



    IPTV Tester Key Features

    • Channel ZAP test
      Missing Channels
      Channel Latency – Min, Current, Max and Average
    • ETSI TR 101 290 QOS Measurements

      TS Sync Loss
      Sync Byte Error
      PCR Repetition Rate
      PAT Error
      Continuity Count Error
      PMT Error
      Transport Error
      CRC Error
      PCR Error
      PID Error
      Transport Error Indicator
      PCR Discontinuity Error
      CAT Error

    • QOS JITTER Analysis with user defined Pass / Fail Thresholds
    • Transport Stream Channel Map Analysis
    • Measurement of Stream Rates
    • User defined Pass/Fail Thresholds for all key measurements
    • Interfaces Supported
      ADSL2+, Ethernet
    • Video Standards

      MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, AVC, VC1
      MPEG2 – TS

      TR 101 290
    • Multicast Standards
      IGMP version 2

    ETSI TR101 290 Measurements

    To assist in pin pointing service affecting video problems, the IPTV Tester (Test Option) provides priority 1 and 2 measurement according to the ETSI TR101 290 standard.