Artisan G.SHDSL & EFM Tester

G.SHDSL & EFM Tester Key Features

  • 7 Inch colour touch screen display
  • One button easy to use automatic test script Test SHDSL layer through to IP layer & beyond
  • 2 wire and 4 wire bonding mode supported
  • Ethernet in the first Mile ( EFM) and ATM lines are supported.
  • Able to operate at both end of the line ( client and server modes)
  • Stores over 1000 Test reports
  • built in email client for sending test reports, collecting next job details etc.
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The Artisan G.SHDSL & EFM handheld tester can test 2 wire and 4 wire SHDSL and EFM lines. Data rates up to 11400kbps are supported with clear SHDSL Pass / Fail indications.

Configuring the SHDSL interface is simplicity itself.

IP layer testing is provided with HTTP. Ping and FTP Tests.

The one button auto test keeps the test process consistent and easy.


  • Display

    7 Colour Touchscreen 800 x 480 WVGA

  • G.SHDSL and EFM details :

    • ITU-T G991.2 / G.994.1 standards
    • Support ITU-T G.998.1 (
    • Support IPOA / IPOE
    • TC-PAM line modulation
    • Configurable as either server or client mode
    • EFM / ATM auto detect
    • IEEE 802.3 2Base-TL (aka 802.3ah) compliant
    • Rate negotiating / manually rate adaptation
    • 2-wire and 4-wire mode auto detect in either ATM mode and EFM mode.
    • Data rate selections: From 192 kbps to 5700 kbps (2-wire mode)
    • Data rate selections: From 192 kbps to 11400 kbps (4-wire mode)
    • Support bonding based on EFM and SHDSL with ATM

  • ATM Support

    • Multiple protocols over AAL5 (RFC1483)
    • PPP over ATM (RFC 2364)
    • ATM AAL5 supported

  • EFM Support

    • EFM mode compliant to IEEE 802.3, G.998.2
    • PPP over Ethernet (RFC2516)

  • Physical Interfaces

    10 / 100 Ethernet, RJ45
    ADSL / V208DSL, RJ11
    USB Memory Interface

  • Test Configuration Profiles:

    Over 100

  • Test Reports

    1000 Test Reports stored automatically at end of test.
    Output Format: PDF or XML

  • Battery

    Lithium Polymer, 34 W/H, 7.2V

  • Encapsulation Protocols

    RFC2684 (IPoA & IPoE)
    RFC1577 CLASSIC IP over ATM (CLIP)
    RFC2364 (PPPoA)
    RFC2516 (PPPoE)

  • PPP0E Decoder

    Protocol Decode of PPPoE WAN Service activation with Pass / Fail Indications

  • IP Layer Tests
    Ping Test:

    IP and DNS Name
    Test to :

  • HTTP Test:

    IP Address or DNS Name
    Determine Download Rate
    Display Web Page

  • FTP Test

    Determine Download FTP download Rate

  • Automatic Test Script Includes

    • G.SHDLS / EFM Service Activation
    • WAN Service Activation Test
    • IP Ping Test
    • HTTP Test
    • FTP Test

  • Weight


  • Temperature Range

    Operating 0 C to +45C
    Storage -10 C to +60

  • Dimensions

    Height: 157 mm
    Width: 208 mm
    Depth: 54 mm