The UTest 318 Copper Line & Triple Play Test Head

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Vonaq's Utest 318 - The world's most cost effective copper line and triple-play testhead

Our UTest 318 Testhead has been specifically designed to address the measurement requirements of today’s DSL networks.

At Vonaq , we aim to deliver only the highest standard of tailored testhead solutions at such a price, our customers regard the UTest 318 testhead as an investment. The UTest 318 Testhead provides an advanced copper measurement capability along with innovative xDSL , VoIP and IPTV test and meaurement solutions.

Vonaq's UTest 318 Copper Line and Triple Play Testhead uses the latest innovative processing, test and measurement technology combined with advanced mathematical algorithms to provide an extremly accurate, yet cost effective test and meaurement solution.

Key Beneftis and features:

  • AC voltage measurements with Hazardous line condition detection.
  • DC voltage measurements
  • Resistance measurements including reversed loop leakage test
  • Capacitance measurements including capacitance Imbalance fault identification
  • High resistance series disconnection fault identification and Load Coil detection
  • Termination Identification of CPE / Telephones / Off Hook Telephone / Modems / NTE no Telephone
  • Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) with interpretation diagnostics of Line characteristics.
  • Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR) for detailed Line diagnostics
  • Fully automatic test mode for POTS / Broadband Service assurance.
  • Manual ‘on-demand’ test mode for immediate line condition check
  • Camp-on test mode for detailed fault diagnosis
  • Multiple test scripts to check line against a number of SLA conditions
  • Configurable test parameters for fault thresholds and work group location
  • Local secure Laptop access to perform line tests – web browser or thin client result display applications.
  • OSS Integration using an open interface API or web browser
  • OSS Integration using an open interface API or web browser
  • Insertion Loss – POTS / ISDN / ADSL / VDSL frequencies
  • Frequency Sweep Longitudinal balance test across the ADSL / VDSL frequency ranges
  • Power Spectral Density tests including Crosstalk measurement.
  • Noise measurement - analysed against Psophometric Weighted Profiles
  • Line pre Qualification – POTS / ISDN / ADSL / VDSL services
  • Wideband test facilities from the Broadband / VoIP & IPTV Service tests

    -ADSL/2/2+ Sync Test

    -PPP Login

    -Ping, HTTP Tests

    -IPTV Test

    -VoIP Test (Available Q3 2011)

  • Single man line up test to a suitable hand held tester – field controlled.
  • Frequency Sweep test tone generator.
  • Pair location / Circuit ID tone / Howler generator
  • Detect Load Coils / RF Filters / BB Telephone Filters missing (TBA)
  • Line-in, line-out, bridged and high impedance monitor test options.
  • Non Intrusive Test Access when used with a suitable UTEL TAM.
  • DC Busy Line Test on POTS lines and POTS Continuity - Sub Loop Unbundling.
  • Remote Management of test head and firmware download
  • Security protection
  • Self calibration and monitoring
  • Powered by CO battery

    DC voltage tests

  • Range: -440 to +440 volts
  • Accuracy: 2%
  • Resolution: 1 volt
  • Tests performed:
    • B-leg/Earth
    • A-leg/Earth
    • B-leg/A-leg
  • AC voltage tests

  • Range: 0 to 300 volts RMS
  • Frequency: 20Hz to 1 kHz
  • Accuracy: 2%
  • Resolution: 1 volt
  • Tests performed:
    • B-leg/Earth
    • A-leg/Earth
    • B-leg/A-leg
  • Dangerous Voltage Threshold - User defined

    Resistance tests

  • Range: 0 to 100
  • Accuracy: 3
  • Range: 100 to 10M
  • Accuracy: 3%
  • Resolution: 1
  • Tests performed:
    • A-leg/Earth
    • B-leg/Earth
    • B-leg/A-leg
    • B-leg/A-leg
    • A-leg/B-leg
    • (Reversed Loop)
    • A-Battery
    • B-Battery
  • Capacitance tests

  • Range: 0nF to 100nF
  • Accuracy: 3nf
  • Range: 100nF to 10F
  • Accuracy: 3%
  • Resolution: 1nF
  • Tests performed:
    • B-leg/Earth
    • A-leg/Earth
    • B-leg/A-leg
  • Exchange or Central Office tests

  • Line Circuit conditions
  • Draw Dial Tone
  • MF4 Dialling
  • Noise Tests

  • Range: 10 KHz to 2.2 MHz
  • Accuracy: 50Hz
  • Level: 0dB to –40dB (10 KHz to 2.2MHz)
  • Accuracy: 1.0dB
  • Phsometric Weighted Filter Display
  • Filter C/E/F/G or No Filter

Longitudinal balance

  • Range: 10 KHz to 2.2 MHz
  • Accuracy: 3db
  • Frequency Level Tests
  • Range: 300Hz to 80 kHz
  • Accuracy: 10Hz
  • Level: –40dB to +10dB (0 to 80 kHz)
  • Accuracy: 1.0dB


  • Distance: 4Km
  • (Dependent on Cable Characteristics)
  • Pulse Width 30ns to 20us

Tones Generated

  • Transmission test tone: 300Hz to 80 kHz
  • Level: -40dB to 0 dB
  • Pair identification tone: 300Hz to 3.4 kHz
  • Howler: Consecutive application of 2.5 kHz,
  • 1.616 kHz, 1.982 kHz and 1.25 kHz
  • Intrusion tone: 2kHz

Termination Test and Identification

  • Customer premises line termination
  • Off-hook telephone
  • Telephone Connected
  • NTE only no Telephone connected
  • BB Modem

Communications Interface

  • Ethernet


  • Size (H×W×D): 25×425×150 millimetres

Supply voltage

  • DC supply: 36 to 72 volts

Power consumption

  • Idle power: 10W
  • Maximum Power: 35W
  • Includes power for TAM and VDSL

Operating environment

  • Temperature range: -30C to 65C
  • Humidity range: 0% to 95% non-condensing


  • MTBF: Greater than 35 years

Product approvals and standards

  • CE approved: Electromagnetic emissions
    • Safety standards: IEC 1010-1, EN41


      xDSL Broadband Service Test - (ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ & VDSL2)

In the critically competitive market sector of FTTC / FTTB where copper lines must now support Broadband applications, Vonaq is delighted to offer on the UTest 318 Testhead complete with Broadband Service Test. The xDSL broadband service test will allow the remote testing of the DSLAM Line Card / ATM or IP Backhaul transmission system the BRAS and Authentication on the ISP Server.

The xDSL Service test gives the complete range of ATU (R) functionality for ADSL / ADSL2 / ADLS2+ and shortly (Q4 2011) VDSL2, including DSL Layer 1 analysis, PPP login Test, Ping Test etc.


      The xDSL Broadband Service test is available as a separate printed circuit board and is supplied as a combined UTest 318 Line Test / SMU / xDSL Broadband / VoIP / IPTV service test unit from the factory.

      Below is a screenshot of an xDSL Golden Modem Results screen in the UTests web interface


xDSL Service Test Specification

Golden Modem Test Script includes

          xDSL Service Activation
          • WAN Service Activation with PPP login Test
            • IP Ping Test
            • Tests to:
              • Default Gateway
              • DNS Server
              • Remote Destination
            • DNS Test
            • Trace Route Test
            • HTTP Test
            • FTP Test
            • Optional IPTV Test
            • Optional VoIP Test (Available Q4 2011)

xDSL Standards Supported

          ANSI T1.413
          • ITU G.992.1 (ADSL G.dmt)
            • G.992.2 (ADSL G.lite)
              • G.992.3 (ADSL2) Annex A/B/M/L
              • G.992.5 (ADSL2+) Annex A/B/M/L
              • G.993.1 (VDSL2) Annex A/B/M/L
                (AVAILABLE Q4 2011)
              • ATM
              • I.432 ATM physical layer compliant
              • O.191 F4 and F5 OAM Ping Test
              • RFC2364 (PPPoA)
              • RFC2516 (PPPoE)
              • RFC2684 (MPoA over AAL5)
              • RFC1577 CLASSIC IP over ATM (CLIP)

IPTV & VoIP Service Tests

The roll out of IPTV & VoIP services are a key priority to Telcos as a means of increasing revenue by adding value to a broadband service that has become commoditized and extremely competitive due the Local Loop unbundling taking place in telephone exchanges worldwide.

These VoIP and IPTV Customers will be extremely sensitive to any loss or degradation of their home entertainment services and rapid diagnosis of problems is essential. Abortive costly visit deep into the local access network is time consuming and will jeopardize guaranteed SLA repair times. The VoIP and IPTV Service tests enables remote testing of the these services for real time repairs.

IPTV Service Test of the UTest 318 Testhead

The IPTV Test Option for the UTest 318 is ideal for the maintenance and testing of IPTV services. The IPTV Service Test option can also be used to gather performance statistics on operational lines using qualitative sampling techniques. The IPTV features in the service test module allows real time Zap tests to confirm channel availability / measure channel transition time and a gather comprehensive range of IPTV Quality of Service statistics on a regular or on demand basis.

IPTV Service Test Specification

          Channel Zap Test

          Missing Channels
          Channel Latency – Min, Current, Max and Average
          ETSI TR 101 290 QOS Measurements
          TS Sync Loss
          Sync Byte Error
          PCR Repetition Rate
          PAT Error
          Continuity Count Error
          PMT Error
          Transport Error
          CRC Error
          PCR Error
          PID Error
          Transport Error Indicator
          PCR Discontinuity Error
          CAT Error

          QOS Jitter Analysis with user defined Pass / Fail thresholds
          • Transport Stream Channel Map Analysis
            • Measurement of Stream Rates

              • User Defined PASS / FAIL thresholds for all key measurements
                • Interfaces supported

                  xDSL & Ethernet

                  • Video Standards

                    MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, AVC, VC1
                    MPEG2 – TS
                    TR 101 290

                  • Multicast Standards
                  • IGMP version 2