Artisan xDSL with Channel Bonding

xDSL with Channel Bonding Handheld Tester Key Features

  • Easy to test VDSL2 Channel Bonded Lines up to Profile 17A
  • Uses the very latest Broadcom chipset with support for Channel Bonding, Vectoring and G.INP .
  • Easy to use AutoTest feature makes Testing Channel Bonded lines and standard lines really simple.
  • monitor one or two (bonded) lines  simultaneously to identify  intermittent problems with the xDSL Histogram feature
  • Stores over 1000 Test reports
  • built in email client for sending test reports, collecting next job details etc.
  • Configurable pass / fail thresholds
  • Terminate and Through modes of operation supported
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The ARTISAN xDSL with Bonding handheld tester is a powerful and comprehensive ADSL and VDSL Test solution. The AutoTest feature makes testing standard and Channel Bonded lines simple and keeps training needs to a minimum. Features such as 7 colour touchscreen, Web Browser, Histograms for monitoring longer term intermittent faults and industry leading Broadcom chipset puts the Vonaq ARTISAN xDSL Tester ahead of the pack.

The Vonaq ARTISAN xDSL handheld tester provides a full and holistic view to ADSL and VDSL2 service testing by focusing on the three important principles of operator efficiency:

  • The test should be easy to execute and understand by the operator
  • The test reports should be clear, easy to store and manage
  • The operator should have a clear workflow process to maximise their workload efficiency

Auto Test

Utilising the industry leading Broadcom chipset the ARTISAN xDSL is able to provide fast and accurate results for both ADSL and VDSL services. The configurable AutoTest script allows the operator to perform testing of ADSL and VDSL services in a repeatable and understandable way with clear Pass / Fail indications.


Auto Test keeps the test process simple and easy

Test Reports

Test Reports are automatically stored upon completion of the Auto Test ( covers xDSL Test, WAN Activation, Ping, HTTP, FTP tests). These Reports are stored in PDF or XML format for easy file management and viewing. These reports can be emailed to a central location or copied onto a USB memory stick according to the operators requirements.

Test Reports can be emailed or copied to USB

Operator Workflow

The operator can use the integrated diary / calendar to sync with their own Microsoft Exchange or Google calendar to check next appointments or close down a job. Alternatively, if the operator is already using a Web Based workflow management system this can be easily viewed on the device via the integrated web browser running on the 7 colour display.


  • ADSL2+, VDSL2 and Ethernet Testing for traditional ADSL and new FTTX services.
  • Simple to Use, Press the AutoTest Icon, see the test run, View the Pass / Fail results
  • Easy To Manage the device, Test profiles and Results easily copied via USB or email
  • Easy to Manage your day, integrated email allows test results to be forwarded to a central location with no fuss, integrated calendar syncing allow appointment details to be viewed.
  • Already have your own web based workflow manager? No problem the fully functional web browser allows the engineer to login, update and close jobs direct from the tester.
  • In case of Line noise problems the Noise Analysis graph identifies if there are any problems.
  • The Hlog ( Insertion Loss ) graph can be used to help identify bridged taps etc. by looking for dips or notches in the chart.
  • Using the industry leading Broadcom chipset, Artisan is ideal for testing against DSLAMs that support the extended functionality that Broadcom brings ADSL Nitro Mode, PHyR and full Impulse Noise Protection ( INP 1- 26).
  • Need to run a long term test for those difficult and intermittent problems? No problem, the histogram feature allows long term tracking of HEC, FEC and CRC errors, Line Drops, Line Rate changes etc.
  • As users of a quality xDSL tester would expect, features such as SNR graph and Bits per Tone graph are provided.

  • Since the ARTISAN xDSL tester is using the Android operating system, we are also able to quickly work with operators to integrate your own applications and workflow processes.


  • Display

    7 Colour Touchscreen 800 x 480 WVGA

  • Chipset: Broadcom BCM63168
    ADSL/2/2+ & VDSL2

    ANSI T1.413
    ADSL G.dmt ITU G.992.1
    ADSL G.lite G.992.2
    ADSL2 G.992.3
    Annex A/B ( hardware option), L and M (optional)
    VDSL2 ITU-T G.993.2

    ITU-T G992.5 INP amendment 3

    ITU-T G998.x  Channel Bonding

    IEEE 802.3ah ( PTM)


  • xDSL Measurements

    Line Rate
    Bonded Line Rate

    Max Attainable Rate

    Max Attainable Bonded Rate
    Per Line measurments for:

       Line Utilisation %
       Line Drops
       SNR Margin
       Line Attenuation
       Delay ( mSec)
       INP ( DMT Symbol)
       FEC Errors
       HEC Errors
       CRC Errors
       LOS, LOF,

    Histogram support for:


  • Physical Interfaces

    10 / 100 Ethernet, RJ45
    ADSL / VDSL, RJ11
    USB Memory Interface

  • Test Configuration Profiles:

    Over 100

  • Test Reports

    1000 Test Reports stored automatically at end of test.
    Output Format: PDF or XML

  • Battery

    Lithium Polymer, 34 W/H, 7.2V

  • Dimensions

    Height: 157 mm
    Width: 208 mm
    Depth: 54 mm

  • xDSL Graph Analysis:

    Bits Per Tone
    SNR Margin Per tone
    HLOG ( insertion loss)
    QLN (noise analysis)

  • Encapsulation Protocols

    RFC2684 (IPoA & IPoE)
    RFC1577 CLASSIC IP over ATM (CLIP)
    RFC2364 (PPPoA)
    RFC2516 (PPPoE)

    PPP Decoder
    Protocol Decode of PPP WAN Service activation with Pass / Fail Indications

  • IP Layer Tests
    Ping Test:

    IP and DNS Name
    Test to :

  • HTTP Test:

    IP Address or DNS Name
    Determine Download Rate
    Display Web Page

  • FTP Test

    Determine Download FTP download Rate

  • Automatic Test Script Includes

  • Weight
    Temperature Range

    Operating 0 C to +45C
    Storage -10 C to +60 C

  • Included Accessories

    CD User Guide
    Soft Carry Case
    Mains Power Adapter
    12V In Vehicle Charging Lead
    RJ11 xDSL cable
    RJ45 Ethernet Cable

    RJ11 to 2 x RJ11 Y adapter

  • All Inclusive options

    Web Browser
    ADSL Option
    VDSL Option
    Productivity Center
    Remote Control