EasyCheck 900 LAN Tester / Cable Tester and Kit

Compact, Powerful and Easy to use. This high performance LAN Tester / Cable Tester is the perfect tool to enable you to install, test and verify a network faster than before.

  • Tests on 10M/ 100M and GigE Ethernet (CAT 3, CAT 4, CAT 5, CAT5e, CAT6)
  • Cable Test - Cable length test to indicate length of cable
  • Wiremap test provides a wiremap to indicate cable shorts, opens and miswires
  • Tone Generator - The EasyCheck 900 LAN Tester generates tone levels for Cable tracing
  • Ping Test - Ping to destination, DHCP server and DNS Server - a great feature for a low cost LAN tester
  • DHCP Test - DHCP to obtain network information
  • The EasyCheck 900 LAN Tester's combined DHCP and Ping Test makes IP layer testing quick and easy
  • Device ID Test - Identifies hubs, NICs or auto MDI/MDI-x devices
  • Link Flash Test - The EasyCheck 900 LAN Tester's link blink indicator makes it easy to identify ports on hubs, routers or switches
  • Net Scan Test - Net Scan to identify what is on the network
  • Voltage Test The LAN Tester indicates presence of POE (Power over Ethernet) and Telephone Line Voltages.
  • The EasyCHeck 900 LAN Tester can be supplied as a standard version or extended kit version (8 remote identifiers and tone tracer)

Typical Applications

Cable Testing

In Cable Testing mode the EasyCheck 900 LAN tester / Cable Tester quickly identifies continuity problems such as shorts, open wires, reversed pairs, crossed pairs and miswiring.

Cable Length Testing

The EasyCheck 900 LAN Tester / Cable tester's Cable Length Test very quickly measures cable length on each pair.

Tone Generation

The EasyCheck 900 LAN Tester has a Tone Generation function for cable tracing.

Device ID Test

The Device ID test of the LAN Tester identifies what equipment is connected to the other end of the cable.

If a Voltage is found, this and the likely connection type is reported on the LAN Tester's display screen e.g. Telephone or POE ( Power over Ethernet).

If no voltages are present, the Ethernet type is reported e.g. 10M/100M or 1000M, Hub or NIC, Auto MDI/MDI-X.

Ping and DHCP Test

Fast and effective network testing is performed. This LAN tester can auto configure using DHCP then ping to an end point (perhaps a location on the internet), plus ping the DHCP and DNS servers.

Flash Link LED Test

To assist with trouble shooting, the " Flash Link LED " Test function of the LAN Tester will cause the appropriate port LED on the connected Ethernet hub or switch to flash. This can be used to identify what cable maps to each Ethernet hub port.

Net Scan Test

The Net Scan feature of the EasyCheck 900 LAN Tester also allows you to identify the number of devices on the Ethernet network and report their IP and MAC address.


  • Support 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet RJ45.
  • Identifies speeds 10M / 100M/ 1000M, duplex mode full or half.
  • Simultaneously Pings three devices at once: a target, a router and a DNS server
  • Displays length measurement for each pair in feet or meters
  • Full wiremap cable tests with display of PASS, wiremap and faults for opens, shorts, miswires, and split pairs
  • Cable Types: shielded or unshielded, CAT6 Cat5E, CAT5, CAT4, CAT3
  • Minimum cable length for testing for split pairs: 1 meter (3 feet)
  • Minimum cable length for single-ended cable test: 1.25 meter (4 feet)
  • Length measurement range (CAT5 and CAT6): 0 to 457 meters (0 to 1500 feet)
  • Display MAC address and IP address on Net Scan test


EasyCheck 900 Kit EasyCheck 900 Standard Unit
8 x Remote Responder 1 x Remote Responder
1 x Tone Tracer
2 x RJ45 Crocodile Lead 2 x RJ45 Crocodile Lead
2 x RJ11 to RJ11 Lead 2 x RJ11 to RJ11 Lead
User Guide User Guide
Soft Carry Case Soft Carry Case

General features

  • 128 x 64 Dot Matrix LCD with backlight
  • Battery Life: 2.5 years (Standby)
    50 hours Cable testing and no backlight
    15 hours Network testing and no backlight